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11 Years
Jan 14, 2009
Bond County, Illinois
Good Morning all, I have been so busy lately just trying to keep up with life's demands, I haven't been able to get on here nearly as much as I use too. Dang it. Really miss reading your input big time!!!! But, I work a few hours a week in a mom and pop grocery and a man came in yesterday and said he and his wife went to Aldi's and the checker told them to stock up NOW because all their stock in the back would come out on the floor at 30% higher and some will be 75%. I think produce will be the 75%, because I buy Romaine for my finches and cockatiels and three weeks ago, it was 99-cents for a beautiful big bunch at the produce store, then the following week it was $1.49 and this past week it was $2.99. So, prepare yourself folks, its coming.
Now is the time to start growing your Romaine and as much food as you can.
I have starters going now and will get more seedlings going as soon as i clear off more space in the house.
"sorry kids im taking over your dresser tops" hehehehe
Oh goody. I just planted my organic's, I have tomatoes going and producing already, watermelon, calamency, cucumbers, squash, oninons, green peas and a few others, I gave up getting fruits and veggies here, they are just too darn expensive!
Can you plant grape vines?

I KNOW you can grow strawberries and blueberries in your area.

I have grape vines, apple trees and a pear tree. I also grow alpine strawberries and ground cherries.
Zukes and lettuce are easy to grow.Harbor Freight has their green houses on sale.Not the best quality,but my mom's greenhouse is still chugging along after 10 years.

I am getting more apple trees this year. I planted elderberry and plum last year.
Chicken feed here went from $10 a 25lb bag to $15 in the last three months. I have millet, sunflower, corn and a few other grasses' seed ready to go.

DH was complaining to me about how we have too much food in the house then he went to the supermarket and eyeballed the prices himself! I have never regretted stocking up.
All the more reason that people should finally at least TRY to grow their own food. Even in a little suburb yard, some lettuce and carrots couldn't hurt.
I picked up a small package of zucchini for my latkes the other day, and when I got to the checkout the cashier remarked on how expensive it was- $4.99 a pound- for zucchini! I didn't even realize it. Needless to say, the latkes were zucchini-less.

I have sprouts, turnip greens, romaine and bok choy growing in my kitchen. It's not much- but it looks pretty and it'll save me some money until the danger of frost is past.

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