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    Oct 11, 2011

    As a few of you know, a while ago we got some leghorns and ended up with only one in the end. Since she was being bullied by the older hens, we put her with some 6 wk old chicks, and they're getting along great. However, I was wondering about what kind of food I should use for them. The White Leghorn is getting a bigger, redder comb, and is sixteen weeks old. I'm thinking it will probably only another few weeks before she lays...but she's still on chick starter, because thats what the six wk olds eat. I'm wondering if it would be ok to switch to Layer CRUMBLES. Also, is it ok for the little ones to have oyster shell and grit?

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    Yes, the babies can have oyster and grit but they probably won't be interested.

    Hold off on the layer crumble until she actually lays.

    The baby chicks should not eat lay crumble.
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    As above. Don't feed young chickens layer mix. Offering oyster shell as free choice will work, the leghorn when nearing lay will use them for calcium, the chicks wont eat them.

    If your chickens can't get grit by foraging then you should offer it free choice to all of them. Most chick starter has grit but it's far too small to be useful as they grow. Without proper grit your chickens can't properly break down to fully digest food so will consume more of it. Grit saves you money in the end and sources of free #4 to 1/4 inch crushed stone can be found rather than purchasing bags of stone from feed store.
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    Oct 11, 2011
    Ok, thanks!

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