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    Apr 14, 2010
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    Kind of in line with the inflation thread.

    We have been stockpiling food for a few years now. As such I have my finger on the pulse of local food prices. Today we went into Food City and they had a deal where you'd get an extra $.30 off of name brand cans of food if you bought 10 of them. Normally Value Time (cheapo store brand which isn't that bad) corn, peas, and green beans go for $.50 a can. With the special we got name brands at $.39 a can. $.11 doesn't sound like much but when you check out with 50 cans it adds up.

    With food prices expected to rise it is wise to keep an eye on prices and buy when you get a good deal.

    The kicker, these cans have long dates i.e. late 2013 expiration. We do mark all of our cans for that.

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    Ive been stockpiling for a while also. I can my own green beans and freeze corn. I am doing a raised bed this year and planting carrots, peas, and other misc. veggies. I am having shelves put in a closet and turning it into a pantry this weekend. Im also stockpiling lightbulbs and batteries, plan on getting a generator, and am storing water under my house for emergencies. My Mom planted potatoes in her garden so we will have those. I shop around also and buy stuff when I get a good deal.

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    Well we were stockpiling. Then Ken's best friend revealed that his parents had NO food at all. Ken's friend isn't working so he couldn't help. So we sent our stockpile over. Starting over next Friday at Costco.
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    Apr 14, 2010
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    A good thing to keep on hand is solar powered outdoor lights. They can be used to recharge rechargeable AAs for use in LED flashlights.
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    Quote:Debi, you are my hero.

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