Food/Water in or out?

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    Aug 9, 2011
    I currently only have 7 birds, they have a inclosed (Chicken wire) run outside that is connected to the coop. They do not free range. In the morning around 7 or so I open the little hatch and allow them into the run where there is food, water, snacks, and things they scratch up from the dirt. At sunset when they are all on the roost in the coop I close up the little door and shut them in for the night. I have a light that comes on at 5 in the morning so they are up and moving around. My question is, should I have some food or water in the coop to hold them over till I get out there to open up the run to them? Right now I have feed in the coop but no water and thought they might get thirsty eating food with no water for a couple of hours. Space is not a big problem but it will this summer when the new peeps will be introduced to the older 7. I dont think they will starve from 5 or so in the morning till I let them out, but if there are any eggs laid when the light comes on at 5 till I let them out I don't want them looking at the egg for something to eat. Any thoughts on this?? Thanks
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    I keep food and water in the coop at all times... Water in the run.

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