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  1. dsbailey70

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    Jul 7, 2014
    Nederland, Texas
    I got some Sweet PDZ today and am working on cleaning up my coop, so I can apply it. I plan on just having PDZ in the pull-out roost/poop pan, and shavings in the nesting boxes (with a little PDZ underneath). Down in the runs, I'll most likely use deep shavings again, with some PDZ under them. I have been putting food & water in the roost, and sometimes down in the run too. Should I be doing this, or only put food/water down in the run? I don't have a problem making them walk to get it. It seems like it'd make an unnecessary mess in the roost to keep the food/water there. In the pic, the nesting boxes are to the left, the roost is behind the little window, and the run is below the window and roost pan.
  2. thomasboyle

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    I keep ducks and chickens, and water in the coop is a no-no with ducks! They make a huge mess! I would keep it outside in the run to cut down on cleaning.

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