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    Jan 17, 2010
    Im new to geese and i really dont know buut should i monater how much food they get? or should i just give them as much as they want ???
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    Jul 7, 2010
    Let them eat all they want. As long as the food is healthy goose food, they can't overeat.

    By healthy I mean pellets, greens, grass and so on. My own goose really likes cat and dog food, and he only gets that as a special treat. It contains way too much fat for a goose. He also wants to try anything I'm eating, and often I let him have a small bite. He spits out the carrots but he loves icecream and chocolate...
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    Jun 24, 2008
    Mid west Michigan
    Some geese will indeed over eat and get fat.
    If you're going to breed them this could cause problems
    since geese gain weight internally around their reproductive organs.
    For a maintenance diet they should get 1/4 lb of 12% feed for every
    10 lbs of body weight and all the grass, greens or leafy hay they will eat.
    Or 2% - 2.5% of their body weight is a good rule of thumb.
    Breeding stock during the breeding season
    can have free choice of 18 - 20% ration starting 3 - 4 weeks prior to and
    during the breeding/egg laying season.
    If you're not going to breed them I wouldn't worry about it but make sure
    to give your geese a complete feed like a multi flock ration.
    I have some tips on my website on raising waterfowl. (link under my avatar)
    Good luck! [​IMG]
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