Foolish poofy heads!

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  1. I got two Polish chicks this spring. I was thinking white eggs would be a nice change, and the kids might enjoy them. We haven't gotten to eggs yet, but my daughters LOVE them.

    My girls are often carrying these birds around the yard. I've been telling them, "make sure you bring them back up near the coop." Well, today I forgot to mention that to my three year old, and she left them over by the swing set, probably around six. Now, the swing set is WITHIN SIGHT of the coop. It's about 200 yards away, but you can see the coop clearly.

    So it starts getting dark around 8:30 and I go to shut up the birds. I count them, as always, and the two poofy heads (our affectionate nickname for the Polish) are missing. Sigh.

    Guess where they were? Over by the swing set. Roosting in the cattle panel fence. Silly poofy heads couldn't figure out how to get home!

    I carried them back, and when we got to the coop they got so excited, wiggling and flapping, and bounded onto the roost. They sat there chirping happily, like "Oooooo my coop! I missed you!"

    Foolish poofy heads!
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    Silly poofy heads! [​IMG] I think that silkies are a lot like them as well. [​IMG]
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    Lol, I got a whole bunch of Polish chicks a few weeks back. I have one with a huge poof that I named "Wayward Jones". Poor little Wayward. She gets soooo lost. One day she was waaaay over by our entry gate; I have no idea why she went that way, lol. You'll call her, and she comes running just as fast as she can. I have to keep an eye on her when they are out grazing, or she'll end up in the strangest places!
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    Is it the polish in them that makes them silly or do they look silly and therefore we consider them silly. I have about 30 polish x easter egger chicks. They are the goofiest looking birds. Our two roos we had were tweedle dee and tweedle dum. They look like something from a Doctor Seuss book. I have one chick that looks like an easter egger but it is starting to get the big poof on its head.


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