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Discussion in 'Quail' started by NoSkiveez, Aug 28, 2010.

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    I'm having some hatch issues. I had 3 eggs hatch pefectly, no issues. The 4th pipped and zipped but never came out of the egg. I opened the egg 8 hours after it poked the first exit hole in the egg. It was completely dried. The chick was dry and it was stuck in the shape of the egg. I used olive oil to help loosen the dried up feathers so it could unroll. This chicks feathers are not very thick (its A solid white coturnix so I could be mistaken, it also has some oil on its feathers that might be making it look the way it does). Its toes are twisted all different directions. I had the belief that toes issues like this resulted from a humidity isssues. Someone suggested it could be genetic. I'm not ready to accept a genetic issue with the hatching issues I've experienced lately.

    I recently also forgot about a hatch and had chickens falling off shelves in the Bator and I shrink wrapped two Silkies and had to open them. They survived. But I also noticed the membranes were dried out on these two eggs as well.

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    I'm also begining to wonder if its blind.
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    I would contact the person you got the eggs from. It could be a genetic case/inbreeding. I had to cull chicks from 3 hatches from orders from one supplier from Strombergs. NEVER AGAIN... I hope your chicks are ok!
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    I have had chicks with twisted feet after experiencing power outages that messed with the temp and humidity, usually my first and last hatchers, with the rest totally normal. I'd give them a couple of days to see if they straighten out on their own. Mine have and are impossible to pick out from their brothers and sisters now.

    I think that the blindness is probably genetic. I had to replace a Tibetan roo when I had a chick hatch blind in two of his hatches. They are in my growout pen now. They are very calm birds with no problem finding food or water, and the rest don't bother them. I'm not sure what their eventual fate will be, since I can't keep them with my breeders and I won't be hatching anymore chicks this winter, but for now, their quality of life is good.
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    This Is Most Likely A Humidity Problem. The Fact That It Pipped And Zipped But Didnt Hatch Readily Point To Low Humidity, If They Dawdle Or Are Just Plain Slow They Will Get Either Dried Out And Glued Into The Egg, Or They Will Get Shrink Wrapped By The Inner Membranes And Crushed. The Exception Here Is Forced Air Incubators--- Which Can Dry Out Hatching Chicks Prematurely. Being Dried Out And Glued In Can Cause Blindness As The Eye Gets "glued" In An Open Position And Damage Occurs From Lack Of Blinking And Lubricating The Eye Itself, As The Cornea (outer Eye Layer) Heals It Scars Causing Dim Or No Vision.

    The Curled Toes Are Likely A Result Of Being Dried Out And Trapped In The Fetal Position. Sometimes They Recover And Gain Normalcy, Many Times They Do Not. Really Depends On How Bad They Got Trapped And For How Long, As Well As The Chick's Will To Live.

    I Hope This Does Ok For You.
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    I have a very forceful fan. I will have to adjust the fan.

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