Foot deformities!?!


Mar 25, 2020
Help! First time raising ducklings. My boyfriend picked up some ducks from TSC and all but 1 are doing very well.
I have had to isolate this duckling, he wasn't walking and legs were more out to the side. After some online research we thought it was spraddle leg and hobbled him with vet wrap for a few days.
We then noticed his feet were curling in on themselves. We tried to splint them but the duckling wouldn't keep them on.
We have tried supplementing with the powder from niacin capsules but haven't noticed a difference.
The duckling will stand up, but cannot use his feet. He gets to his food and water - but it doesn't look easy.

Did we do something wrong? Is there anything we can do for the poor thing? Is there a vet we can visit in Bucks County PA?
I'm pretty animal savvy but this one has me scratching my head.


Jun 12, 2018
Seneca Falls, NY
At tractor supply their is liquid vitamin b complex. That would be my recommendation. Then get some vet wrap and one of those beer can holders that you slide a can into they are made of form. You can make a shoe out of it for him. When you wrap it you will have to seal the ends with duct tape or something because he willing pick it apart like he has.

the liquid be complex you would want to make sure he gets 1 ml a day. Spread it out usually over meal worms or peas is a good idea. You can also make a small amount of duckling food mush with some in it too. I like adding a bit of canned cat food for additional vitamins and different meat based protein sources into mine but that’s my preference you don’t have to do that.


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Jul 19, 2016
Given his condition make sure he is getting plenty of food and water, ducks with that severe of a B3 deficiency can have a troubled time eating/drinking, so dipping his bill in a shallow water container would be great as well as filling your hand with food and offering it to him.
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