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    I have a coturnix that I accidentally scared the other day and in her flight for life she got her foot caught in the wire bottom of the coop. I knew she was hurt right away, it just looked painful. At first I looked it over and it seemed fine, I went on vacation for a few days, and now that I am back, her foot is bruised (and a little swollen) around the joint connecting the base of the "thumb" to the foot. The bruise is mainly near the thumb, but also large enough that it encompasses the whole "hand". The toes are not discolored or swollen, nor is the leg.

    I've read some articles on splinting, but I don't think its possible at this joint. A break in the leg, I would attempt, I'm not new to that, but it seems like the problem is at the base of the thumb, and if I consider how I would brace that on my hand if I were to walk on my hands, I just don't see how it would be possible, unless I could create a whole cast, which I believe is beyond my nursing ability. Maybe I'm not thinking in the most creative way.

    So I've also looked through previous posts and decided that there is not much I can do besides taking her off the wire and letting her rest. But then I felt bad for not trying my own story here to see if anyone else has other advice, cause she's real pretty, and she might actually be my only lady in this batch...

    She's a little over 4 weeks old, she tries to walk on it but has to put her wing out for support every time. She's eating, pooping, and drinking like a champ.

    Pipe in if you have any suggestions...

    BTW, there's only one vet within a hundred mile radius of me, and she has no bird experience.

    Thank you, chickeners!

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