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Jun 5, 2014
Soooooo.... one of my chickens got a foot injury.... we are not sure how it happened.. but we suspect our brother in law who has a neurological disease ran her over with his scooter ... he came in and told us he thought one of our chickens was injured.. she was bleeding all over the place... we grabbed her and applied pressure ... got the bleeding to stop.. and I bandaged her up... I found this post on injuries and have been following its guidelines:

I keep her in a dog crate in the house to keep her from moving around too much while it heals (and also so the other chickens don't pick on her while she is weak).. it has a pan on the bottom I lined with news paper.. I decided today it would be a great idea to take the pan out and put her in the backyard so she could see the other chickens.. and peck at the grass... and the results were... she pecked at her bandage.. pulled it off... pecked at the wound.. and it started bleeding again... so I'm guessing that I am going to have to keep it wrapped while it heels or she is just gonna start pecking at it again... anyone know how long it takes scales to grow back after an injury like this?


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Jan 7, 2016
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Hopefully somebody else here can give you an idea on time.

I will say that when I use a darker or more earth tone vet wrap mine are less likely to peck at it.

Make sure you aren't keeping it wrapped all of the time unless something is broken, chickens seem to heal much better when their wounds can breathe, I'd wrap if you let her out in a run but keep it open when shes in the hospital resting, I wouldnt let her perch and fly down on it until its healed.

Also I would make sure you are using an antiseptic solution on it to prevent infection.

Soaking in a povidone / warm water solution seems to work well, or spray 2 - 3 times a day with Vetericyn has always worked well for me.

Hope somebody on here can give you an idea how long.


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