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    My Brahma bantam pullet supposedly had bumble foot about 4 months ago, so consulting the internet I read that I should pick at it and let all the puss inside drain out, and all would be well. I did so and the was not puss. Now there is still a scab on her foot, and it is very swolen, so I started picking at it again, and not the scab is acting like a plug in her foot. Should I try to remove the "plug"? It is not just on the outside, it has been pushed inside of her foot wound. I have the sterile equipment ready if you BYCers think I should try it. Thanks for your help! [​IMG]

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    Yes, you need to remove the scab and the plug and any other pus that's in there - chicken pus is thicker and has a cheesy texture so it has to be dug/scraped out of the wound. Soaking your bird's foot in warm water with epsom salts will help soften/loosen the scab and make it easier to remove. Be sure to flush it and pack with it neosporin before bandaging it up.

    Here's a great thread about it:

    Good luck!

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