Foot paralysis and watery stools

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    So, I have a sick chicken. She is a RIR about 21 months old. The first symptom that I noticed as that she was unable to use her right leg. She can draw it up but has complete paralysis of the foot. I brought her in. She eats and takes fluids and appears alert. Now she is having large watery poops with some white and green in them. None of the rest of the flock are ill. Anyone have any ideas on what it could be or what I should try?
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    Have you checked the bottom of her foot to see if there are signs of bumblefoot?
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    Put her on some poultry vitamins or a B Complex tablet daily in her water in case of deficiency. Have you axddec new chickens or moved to new ground? Mareks disease can affect one or both feet and legs, so I would do a little research on that disease
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