May 30, 2019
Vinton, LA
My little girl Houdini’d her way out of the coop some how and got caught in the foot trap that we had set out for whatever has been eating her family. There was significant swelling and an abrasion on the lateral side of her left foot. Her right foot had a small abrasion on her 2nd toe. I used a BD E-Z surgical scrub brush from work to clean the abrasions. I then sprayed Vetericyn on them and padded it with folded paper towel and wrapped with Coban (forgot to grab gauze pads from work). She tolerated me manipulating her foot and toes perfectly and was very calm throughout the dressing placement. There was no open fracture and nothing looked displaced - but what do I know? If anyone has advice or information to give me, it is welcome. This is my first extremity injury to take care of. Thanks!

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Feb 14, 2016
I would put her in a crate inside to minimize movement. Can she walk on her feet?
I personally wouldn't wrap her feet, but that is me.
Maybe an epsom salt bath to help with the swelling.

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