For all the parents out there....

Is 16 too young to date?

  • Yes, no boyfriends til your out of college!

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  • Yes, not until your 18!

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  • Depends

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  • No, as long as I know who and there is guidlines.

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  • No, its old enough!

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boys are really immature at that age and you seem wise for your 16 years of life, I wouldn't bother dating until you are really ready, concentrate on school and your hobbies, there will always be plenty of boys around when you are really ready to date one.
I put depends, since it depends on the maturity of the child. Also if they ever lied or are um..... not very lady like around boys, then no, they could wait.

I'm not a parent, but my opinion
Good luck with the folks. From what I have seen, there is no advantage to the stpping you. It would be best if they just set some rules (some you may not like) and if you are responsible enough, keep the privledge of dating. My girls is only 3 now, when the time comes, I know that I would rather let her date and be a part of it, than push her away and have her do it behind my back.
+1... I'm planning on waiting until I'm atleast 17 to date .That way ill be driving and my
"very over protective brother" Will not stand in the way lol.
Also id rather not waste my heart on immature jerks and instead, wait for prince charming.hahaha

My pet peeve is, When you see 12yr's-15yr old girls on myspace ect.. saying how much they "love" their boyfriends and think that "he's the one".
I just dont get it?
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I raised 2 girls. Both just mirror people. Both very smart in school. Good kids. one girl:very bad taste in men, dated when she was 16 with my blessing.
next one didn't like anyone enough to date. she even worried about it, I told her she will find someone to meet her standards. She did, and has a very active life. She is 20 now. Talk to your parents, they may surprise you. But also listen, they do have experience.
I was told I couldn't date until I was 16. At 14 I met the most wonderful boy. I never told my mother a thing and we dated until I was almost 16. He was my first love. He was so respectful and careful with me. Apart from Feller, he is the only other guy who treated me decently. If I hadn't decided to go live with my father, who knows how it would have ended up.

My sister dated at 14 (the no dating until 16 rule didn't apply to her). She and that boy have been together for 38 years and married for 30 of them.

I don't condone dating behind parent's backs, but even I was able to spot the double standard. I had shown myself to be every bit as responsible as my sister and didn't feel it was fair to be treated differently. I still don't.

I understand how parents worry - especially when dating is involved, but I also understand that teenagers need to be able to show their parents that they can make smart decisions. Maybe a heart to heart with your parents about your priorities and how responsible you are might help reduce some of their concern.
my kids wont be dating..they will be allowed to do group activities, but no one on one dating at all until they are 18. i mean, if they have a special someone who wants to come to dinner, or maybe go out to a movie with a group, that is fine.

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