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    Scenario is that I have a female Pekin who was raised with 3 chickens. She thinks she is one. She is the leader of the flock. Gives me an egg faithfully everyday. My husband was dead set against having ducks. Mess and all. She refuses to swim in the pond. Now that she puts out delicious eggs everyday, and now that hubby has heard from folks I give these eggs too about how wonderful they are - he actually has come around just a bit.

    That said....

    I'm getting a few more chickens this spring. Very shortly. I was thinking maybe my duck needs a partner duck. ?s are - how likely can I be to actually get another female? I mean they are all born yellow after all... just sayin'... She has to be an egg producer for hubby not to complain - so I'd be looking for another female. What are the chances my female will accept another younger ducky? Will she likely develop aggression toward the new addition? And do you think she will come around to being a duck instead of a chicken and start swimming in the pond? I'd like to separate her from the chickens because she dirtys all the water so fast. If she had a buddy.... I'm thinkin' maybe I can do that --- make them their own pen close to the water but separate from the chickens.

    Thanks in advance....

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    I hatched one of my Pekin Gal's eggs in the house a year and a half ago...I kept the duckling in the house with me for the first 8 weeks, then moved her into the backyard in a mini pen and let the grown ducks hang around and get used to seeing her. Each day I'd let her walk around the yard with me and we'd spend a few more minutes each day with the big ducks. At first the big ducks picked on her but nothing brutal, just letting her know she was low gal on the totem pole LOL Within a couple of weeks the adult ducks wouldn't go anywhere without her.

    As for making sure you get a female, best bet is buy one that is a five months old and for sure a girl or order a female duckling from a Hatchery.


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