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    Well, you may have seen my thread where my chicken, Cluck, was confirmed to be a rooster and I need to rehome him. I got him about two months ago when my uncle found him scratching in his yard. We built him a coop and he hangs out in the backyard. At the time, I was pretty new to chickens, so I assumed he was a hen because of the lack of spurs, lack of crowing, and docile behavior. A couple days ago, he crowed a few times but stopped when I went outside to see him. After that, I did some more research, found out about saddle feathers, and confirmed that Cluck is a male. I live in Long Beach and while we're allowed chickens, roosters are not allowed.

    Well, since he was basically found off the street, I don't know anything about his age or background. He looks like a Rhode Island Red. His tail feathers were pretty tattered and most were missing when I found him, but he's molting and growing them back. He's not aggressive and prefers not to be handled. He's okay with me being next to him in the run as long as I don't make any moves toward him. He's pretty bright and treat-oriented. He gets excited when I move toward the scratch bag. I usually attract his attention and get him to come to me by shaking a bottle of freeze-dried mealworms. He'll let me pet him in the coop after I feed him a treat. I do pick him up from time to time and sometimes he fusses. His crows aren't full-on top-of-the-lung crows but they still are crows. He's only crowed a few times in the afternoon on two occassions, stopping when I come by to see him. For the two months I've had him, I haven't noticed any health issues.

    I want to find him a good home where he can happily live out his life. I reside in Long Beach and would certainly be willing to drive an hour or two to get him to his new home. I do not want him to be dinner unless he turns into a bad rooster. If you have a Rhode Island Red or Red Star pullet (chick to a few weeks old) to trade to be his spiritual successor, even better! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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