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    Sep 8, 2008
    Please do start a thread about how dogs have changed in the past years --- it would be very interesting and perhaps can be done with less acrimony than the one on horses ---

    I have had Cavaliers and Japanese Chin for more than 25 years and before that had never even heard of them (first saw both breeds in England) -- now these dogs are being overbred and seem to be among the 'breeds of the moment' ---

    so interesting to compare changes in vet care, general care, the role of the dog in the family as well as the evolution of different breeds and the 'designer dogs' ---

    many more people have dogs than have horses so this discussion could also be about 'rescue dogs' -- I was not even aware of any breed-specific rescue groups until a few years ago and now we are fostering several mixed-breed dogs as they wait for 'forever homes' (which may well be HERE with us -- we've been 'foster-failures' many times!)

    if you will act as a kind of 'facilitator' this topic could be beneficial to all of us --- :)

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