For my chickens' water, can I use tetracycline made for fish aquarium?

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    I'm getting one new hen delivered tomorrow and the breeder suggested that I put some powdered tetracycline in her water as a preventative. I do not have any. I've called a zillion pet stores and vets around here and NO ONE has it. But the pet store does have it for fish aquariums. Do you think i can use that?
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    Be careful also if your hen is laying eggs about eating them depending on which medication you use.

    What is the tetracycline for? Is the hen ill? It is advisable to do at least a 30 day quarantine when introducing a new member of the flock. Can you give us more info?

    Maybe you don't need the tetracycline. I don't give antibiotics unless someone is actually sick.
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    Thank you both for your answers.

    DH and I have decided to just skip it and not bother with the antibiotic. I've set up a quarantine pen for the new hen inside my garage. I don't think I can bear waiting weeks and weeks before introducing her to my teeny flock of two hens outside in the backyard coop and run. Will maybe (maybe) hold out for a week and will then do the intro.
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    Quote:Oh- two hens. Yep, I am the same way- if I only had one or two hens, what's the point of a lengthy quarantine IMO!

    But be aware there are diseases that make chickens asymptomatic carriers. Then "my chicken has a cold" threads come up. (That means a disease, not a cold.)

    And it is heartbreaking to read about people who have to cull their entire flock due to a terrible disease that leaves the survivors carriers. So if you see a runny nose or eyes...or anything on the following list, beware!
    diagnosis charts at the bottom listing symptoms

    Actually, one major thing you might want to consider doing is worming and killing all mites and lice! There are several medications available- if you need assistance all you have to do is ask BYC!

    Mites and lice have eggs- and even if your breeder was vigilant about treating for those on a regular basis, the songbirds bring them in too on a regular basis. I use garden Sevin dust 5%, then repeat in 10 days (placed in an old sock and powder puffed under the wings, and all over the chicken except the eyes).

    As far as worming goes, some people worm on a regular basis, and others not at all. There are pour-on medications as well as internal medications. Just be aware that there are "egg withdrawal periods" (where you toss the eggs) for some of the meds for a certain period of time. You can do a search on BYC too for specific meds.
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    Quote:I wouldn't give the fish stuff?? If the bird is not sick and it is a preventitive, just feed the bird the medicated feed. It is supposed to head off problems in chiks... might be a safer alternative. your local feed store or TSC store would have the feed you need
  7. Local TSC also has the tetracycline powder.
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    Quote:Thanks. But... there aren't any TSC's where I live and the only Agway is about 15 miles away. I did phone them, but they don't have any tetracycline for birds. We've decided to just skip it. But I'm going to order some online and keep it on hand just in case any respiratory symptoms show up. The new hen's breeder said that when she's used tetracycline in the past, she never avoids eating the treated hen's eggs. She also said that when she uses ivermectin on her hens routinely once a year, she likewise never avoids eating the treated hens' eggs. Says she's never had any side effects from eating those eggs, whether from the tetracycline or the ivermectin.
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    Could the breeder provide the tetracycline for the bird she's selling you?
  10. I would be more than willing to mail you some today ifyou get me your address?

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