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    here's some pics of my Cuckoo rooster. [​IMG]
    He didn't have a tail (it had been picked out) when I first got him, but it's coming back nicely...just a slow process. He wasn't handled as a youngster, so this guy is quite the scaredy-chicken... [​IMG] ...every time I catch him he screams like a cat in a blender!!! [​IMG] And because he's so skittish, I wasn't able to get too close for pics. So for the head shot, I actually had to catch him, lie him down on the table, and take the pic. I'm currently using him in a project for Crele Orloffs. [​IMG] My first project hatch is due on Thursday! [​IMG]

    And for all you cat lovers out there, please take no offense...I've never actually heard a cat in a blender. [​IMG] I'm basing my analogy on my imagination. [​IMG]

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    Quote:Hi shelleyb1969

    Is your Cuckoo rooster a Orloff x Delaware. I just hatched some eggs off for my brother and some of the eggs were Orloff x Delaware. They are two week old and look to have a barred feather pattern and all have the beard of the Orloff.

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    Hi Long Horn!
    I acquired my cuckoo roo from a breeder friend here in Michigan. We are working together to produce Crele Orloff...which my first chicks hatched yesterday. [​IMG] My roo is not an Orloff/Delaware cross...he's pure Orloff. Without going off topic too much, I can say that Delawares have very dominant color genes. I've crossed Delaware to EEs and got chicks that look exactly like a Delaware, but have the muff, beards, and green legs like an EE. Crossed Dels to Rosecomb Rhode Island Reds, too, and got Rosecomb Delawares. [​IMG]

    Here's pics of the Crele chicks that just hatched from this roo and one of my spangled hens:
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    Hey Shelley! Got any updated pics of the Crele babies?! I want to see!
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    The F1 Creles are pretty big now...but the color isn't there yet. [​IMG] But I knew this project would take some time. They're very unique, but just don't have enough color. I'll be crossing these F1 chicks back to a spangled rooster this winter and see what happens. I'm also going to have a separate Crele project pen with a spangled rooster over cuckoo hens...just the opposite of what I have now. I'll take the best chicks from that crossing and mix/match until I get it right. [​IMG]

    I'll try to get some pics of the F1 chicks tonight. [​IMG]
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