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    I have just started working for a place that takes a different approach to teaching children who have motor disabilities due to brain damage, either from birth (eg: Cerebral Palsy) or accident
    (eg: drowning). We even have one child with Down's Syndrome.

    This method has been around in Europe for over 60 years, but has only recently been introduced here in the US. As of now, there are only a few schools.

    I have volunteered to working with kids with CP before and ran a Theraputic Riding program when I owned my riding stable and I see the difference in the way these kids are being taught and responding. The program uses education combined with pysichal therapy. There is a lot of play involved to keep thier interest, especially with the younger ones. But they are taught to do things for themselves, which gives them a sense of self worth. Maybe it's only being able to sit straighter, or working to stretch and limber their hand so they can hold a spoon or hairbrush, but it's something they can do for THEMSELVES.

    Children with motor disability caused by brain damage are often consigned to a wheelchair, being given PT to keep muscles from athropying, but never being taught to try and stand because it is understood they have certain conditions or limitations. I watched a 13 yr old girl with CP crawl across the floor to a set of bars and pull herself up and stand unaided. She can get herself from her stool, a specially made, (out of plywood and casters!) low wheeled "scooter" to stand at the bar in the bathroom and get herself on the toilet. Up until recently, she had to be carried and lifted from her chair to the toliet, or potty chair, now she can do it herself!
    The same girl does math problems by pointing to a number line to help with her calculations and show answers. At the same time she is learning math, she is stretching and limbering her amrs and hands and working on hand eye cordination.
    I encourage anyone with children who might benefit from this to check it out! It's worth a look.

    If you have questions, I will answer the ones I can or get you in contact with the people who run the school here.
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    That's very interesting...I really wish my son Gabe could benefit from something like that, but his disability is quite severe-he will turn 3 in April, and still does not hold his head up on his own, much less sit up, use his hands purposefully etc. He does receive PT/OT/Early Childhood Developement through the school district, combined with Children's Care (Special needs based school and hospital in Sioux Falls) We do try to work with a switch button, to get him to activate toys...seems like sometimes he is trying to purposefully use his arms/hands, but it's not consistent at all right now.

    Thank you for the link [​IMG]

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