For sale - 12+ mixed breed eggs, $8 + shipping from Alabama

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    We have about 40 hens laying now, of many different breeds --- Rhode Island Red, Buff Orpington, Delawares, Amish stock, Easter egger, Barred Rock, and Black Jersey Giant, to name a few. We also have some Polish hen and one laying black Silkie.

    Our roosters are also of different breeds, many of the ones listed above plus several mixes.

    We've had an incredible 100% fertility here with the eggs, and at least two people I've shipped eggs to have reported 100% fertility. For obvious reasons, I can't make any guarantees because I have no control over the eggs once they leave my possession.

    I ship eggs in a big 12x12x8 box (priority mail), with each egg individually wrapped and the entire dozen securely packaged in an egg carton. That carton is then packed in styrofoam peanuts for maximum padding. In all the hundreds of eggs I've shipped, I've only ever had one reported cracked. I also include a couple of extras (wrapped in bubble wrap) in the box, just in case.

    Eggs are shipped less than 24 hours after being laid, and sell for $8 plus shipping from ZIP code 35671 for a 3-pound package.

    Please note: our hens and roosters all live together; resulting offspring will be mixed, not purebred.




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