For Sale- Beautiful Astralorp Roo-can ship or pick up in NY/NJ


Wanna-be Farmer
11 Years
Dec 16, 2008
I will post a pic later today when it stops snowing. He is a handsome boy and I was going to keep him but have decided not to since I am becoming more focused on other breeds. He was the first to hatch and is the largest of all the australorps I hatched in that group and is a gentle guy. He was born on Dec 18th 2008 and should start crowing soon.
He is very healthy and would make a good addition to anyone's flock. He is NOT from hatchery stock. He has been raised organically.
He is $15 pick up or $60 shipped to anywhere in US main land

I have 3 available but he is by far the best of the 3
He will only be available this week as he will go to freezer camp otherwise
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