For Sale: Beautiful Pigeons Looking for New Home! (Old Frill, Catalonian Tumbler, more)

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  1. sunshade

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    Nov 6, 2016
    Pigeons urgently looking for new homes! $15.00 for each bird if your in my area and picking them up. (I live in South Jersey). If your out of state and want them shipped, you can have them for free, but you still need to pay for shipping+the bird mailing box. We will have to discuss the shipping price and box price, since it will vary depending on how many pigeons you want. I just really need to find these guys a good home, so please message me, let me know which birds your interested in, and also please include a picture of your loft so I know they have a good home. I'm selling the following..

    PAIR 1: Old Frill Hen (white with brown wings) and a rare bronze, male Catalonian tumbler.


    PAIR 2: Both are beautiful birds - female is show below, male on top. The male has one 1 white eye, and one dark eye, which is rare!


    SINGLE PIGEON: This is Squiggly. I can't be 100 percent sure on her gender, but I'm 95% sure she is female. She has no mate due to my odd number of pigeons.

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  2. Mainelybirds

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    May 8, 2017
    I live in Maine. Do you still have pigeons needing homes?

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