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These are wade Jean lines also have a one black and one splash hens in the pen that are Bev Davis lines.So you might get blue copper or splash.
Just Reply SOLD
paypal [email protected]
I will ship on mondays or tuesdays.


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May 1, 2013
Please contact me, at [email protected],
RE: your FBCM hatching eggs!
I have a "dozen questions" :), and would very happily call you from Oklahoma, if you wish, or continue communication via email if that is more desirable.
Conversely, I will reply to your email with my cell number if it's not "long distance" for you to call me instead.

Thank you muchly:


UPDATE: 08MAY13 Wednesday:

I'm taking a few moments of my day, to mention a couple things for anyone considering various sources from which to obtain their FBCMs hatching eggs... and these revolve around the seller "Horseshoe" :), who we'll refer to as Ray, as that seems his chosen public name, ref'd in his email address above.
Ray has been more of a friend already, than just a "seller"... he's taken the time, at his own expense, to call me on occasion, prior to, and after we decided to obtain our eggs from him - he's answered questions, and shared his experiences and advice freely - and I've not been short on questions for him :) Thank you Ray for taking the time... I know little enough about some of the genetics questions, and Ray has done his best to pass on everything he knows - again, at his own expense, and asked nothing in return - though I get the idea, that interest in his birds, and the proper care and desire to propagate such a remarkable breed, might go a long way with Ray - who seems to care as deeply as anyone I've met about the quality of bloodline he's sharing with others, myself included. In addition to these qualities I find remarkable in any human being (the world being what it is these days) Ray didn't simply ship me the eggs as promised, but has included SEVERAL"extra" that were available - hopefully to result in a better hatching, and start of my FBCM flock!
I don't like to go off about myself, but I've been around the world literally, twice in my years of Military Service - and I've seen the best, and the worst that humanity has to offer over the course of most of a lifetime - and I share this observation with anyone who would consider buying eggs from Ray: There may be many good folks left in the world from whom you could find something special, like true FBCMs hatching eggs... but you'd be hard pressed to find a better fellow than Ray - if you value people, for their obvious kindness and care, and you want to deal with folks that you can TRUST and respect, then please consider Ray at the top of your list - he's a gentleman in every way I can find having not met him in person.

Now that we've established that :) - we're waiting for the USPS to call... to pick up our eggs! I was hoping they'd call at 0400 this am... but they didn't - the incubator is now being monitored by a calibrated digital temp/hygro with a large readout and audio alarm - prep'd and steady at 99.5/55% - and gods we're ready to put it to work! :) Will update again when we have the eggs in the turner :)

/Salute Ray / all


UPDATE: 09MAY13 Thursday

The eggs arrived today, at around 1500 - they are PERFECT - every single one - will type out all the details and hopefully include some pictures of the unwrapping tomorrow - it's just too late and I'm too tired to get it all right now :) Awe, would be a good word for today :)

/Salute Ray / all


UPDATE: 18MAY13 Saturday

All eggs have been candled, and ALL show excellent growth! (yep, it's hard to tell on the dark Marans eggs, but the mass is present, and movement is not difficult to observe)
Quite impressive, especially considering the punishment they took in transit - remind me to thank the USPS when they finally go belly up - but with careful settling and gentle handling, it appears that they've all done well so far - not counting them "before they hatch" of course, but still impressive.

/Salute - more when possible.

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