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    We have to downsize, and we MUST sell our breeder pair of Toy Rat Terriers. The male is a lot of fun, he loves to play ball, not hyper at all, 2 1/2 years old, red/white, weighs about 10 pounds. The female is the RARE blue/white (very expensive), she is a little standoffish and nervous when she first meets people, but she is a snuggly bear too. Not hyper either. She is 3 years old and weighs 7 pounds. They are both housebroken, utd on all shots, DO NOT BOTHER CHICKENS, ETC. Gets along great with other dogs, cats, chickens, ducks, etc., They were both registered AKC, I seen their papers but never received them from the buyer. The female has only had one litter of pups, three of them were blue/white just like her. Two were red/white like dad. We would really like to sell them together as they stick like glue to each other, but we will sell them separately if we have too. We are asking $250.00 a piece, or if you want both of them, we will sell them for $400.00 The female alone is worth twice that, but we must find a good home for them ASAP. Email me at if you would like photos. [​IMG] We are in SE Georgia.
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    Just so nobody gets too confused: the blue/white color in TFTs is actually a DISQUALIFICATION under the AKC standards.

    Here's the description of color for TFTs on the AKC web site -- I've printed the most important sentence in caps --

    Tri-Color: Predominately black head with sharply defined tan markings on cheeks, lips and eye dots. Body is over fifty-per-cent white, with or without black body spots. White, Chocolate and Tan: Predominately chocolate head with sharply defined tan markings on cheeks, lips and eye dots. Body is over fifty-percent white, with or without chocolate body spots. White and Tan: Predominately tan head. Body is over fifty-percent white with or without tan body spots. White and Black: Predominately black head. Body is over fifty percent white with or without black body spots. Color should be rich and clear. Blazes are acceptable, but may not touch the eyes or ears. Clear white is preferred, but a small amount of ticking is not to be penalized. Body spots on black headed tri-colors must be black; body spots on chocolate headed tri-colors must be chocolate; both with or without a slight fringe of tan alongside any body spots near the chest and under the tail as seen in normal bi-color patterning. Faults: Color, other than ticking, that extends below the elbow or the hock. Disqualifications: A blaze extending into the eyes or ears. ANY COLOR COMBINATION NOT STATED ABOVE. Any dog whose head is more than fifty-percent white. Any dog whose body is not more than fifty-percent white. Any dog whose head and body spots are of different colors."

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