For Sale~Buff Orpington hatching eggs shipped from Kentucky


11 Years
Apr 2, 2008
Hi - I have pure buff orpington hatching eggs for sale. We have two gorgeous, big roosters and hens and we're located in Kentucky.

The hens are laying like crazy right now. We have seven hens and we are getting 9 and 10 eggs a day!

We have no other chicken breeds on our farm, so you will get pure buff orp eggs. These roosters are so friendly - we pick them up and cuddle them and they seem to like it. And the hens are very easy-going, too.

The price includes shipping and is $24 for a dozen. If you'd like more, just let me know and I'll give you a price.

Here is a photo of our main rooster, who I think is the boss of the hen house, so most of the eggs will be fertilized by him. But the other rooster is equally gorgeous, but only nine months old, so he isn't quite as big as this two-year-old guy yet.

You can email me or PM me with any questions! I will be taking orders for March and April.

This is our big guy and a few of his hens.

This is rooster #2 - equally gorgeous and gets along well with the main rooster even in the same pen.

Another shot showing some of the hens and our roo.

And finally, a closer shot of our two-year-old roo. isn't he gorgeous?!
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