For sale: Corvallis OR - 2 pet Bantam cockerals - Cochin & Silkie

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Mar 31, 2008
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Our two PET 6 month old cockerels - a Black and Gold Penciled Cochin named Blake and White Silkie (hatchery) named Jess - need a home ASAP! We thought we were going to be able to keep them, but the crowing is getting too much for an in-town situation and I am worried about losing my entire flock due to neighbors who might not like the noise.

I am heart sick over having to rehome them since they are our pets, but feel it is the best situation for all including them. I am asking a small rehoming fee of $5 each but they must go to an approved home (not to someone who is going to eat them). They can go together (get along great) or separately. I am willing to deliver them within the area if you want or you may come by and meet them. They are very handsome and healthy birds, gentle and loving - I have handled them since they were 3 days old - to both people and their ladies. They would be a great addition to your flock or even a 4H chicken. They both have great personalities. We call the Cochin Captain Blake due to his constant standing in the Captain Morgan position

If you are interested, please PM me. Again, we are looking for a good home for them so please tell me a little about your flock.


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