For Sale in NW Missouri


Sussex Monarch
11 Years
Mar 27, 2008
I live in Tina Missouri Zip is 64682

6-Barred Rock hens- $25 one is free due to messed up beak sale pending
4-OEG bantam chicks one looks like a roo $3 each
1-Sizzle black pullet-$5
1-RIR/production chick looks like roo free
1-Silver Spangeled Hamburg not sure if its roo or hen $3 about 3 months old
1-EE rooster $2
1-Marans roo $2 was told its a Barred Rock roo but it has white legs and very bad barring

I have to down size so i can get the chocolate colored chickens i realy realy want.So i have to also save up for em cause they cost alot....

They will all go to the small animal sale this weekend October 18th if not sold before then.
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