FOR SALE: Laying hens, roosters and supplies

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    GROUP #1: We have 5 healthy laying hens just turned 2 yrs old. One is a buckeye, 3 are black australorp, 1 is australorp/buckeye mix. There is a rooster who is 5 months old he is buckeye/ australorp mix that is with them. These know how to free range, Friendly hens will come for treats.

    GROUP #2: We also have 1 buckeye rooster 5 months old and he has 1 buckeye hen and 1 australorp hen both 5 months old, healthy. These were being introduced to free ranging this fall.
    Both of these groups are living together currently.
    There are some feeders, nipple waterers, heated waterers, chick feeders/waterers,heat lamp, etc that would go with them.
    $50 for everything, or $35 for group one and $20 for 2nd group.
    We live in Northern Ohio between Sandusky and Toledo.
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