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Jun 5, 2017
For sale: Chicken Nesting Herbs, $9 with free shipping

This is a blend that I have hand mixed specifically for it's calming properties, which is great for lowering stress in hens and promoting egg laying. I use this blend in my nesting boxes and sprinkle some on the ground where they forage. It can be added to their food as well, as they are edible and all natural. This 3oz. blend consists of lavender, ginger, yarrow flower, rose petals, marigold and fennel. Sprinkle in your coops and surrounding areas every few days or more if you would like. My hens love this blend, and so do I! It smells so wonderful! This would make a wonderful Christmas gift, birthday gift, etc. for that chicken person in your life!

3 oz. herbal weight, not shipping weight. I never include the weight of the package in the 3 oz.
Lavender - known for relieving stress, increasing blood circulation, repelling insects
Ginger - known for stimulating laying, anti-fungal, relieving diarrhea and stimulating circulatory and respiratory systems
Yarrow Flower - known for promoting calming and relaxation, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic
Rose Petals - known for boosting immunity, cleansing blood toxins, antibacterial, antiseptic
Marigold- known for stimulating laying, repelling insects, vibrancy in egg yolks, antioxidant
Fennel - known for stimulating laying, repelling insects, boosting reproductive health

PM me if interested!

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