For Sale-NH-40 egg Grab Bag


12 Years
Jul 31, 2007
Yup I am doing this deal again! 40 eggs in this batch.All for $20!!!! shipping and tracking are $22
All my birds are running together for the winter but they usually hang out in their own groups so good chance of being pure
Get em while they last!
BOs,Black Jersey Giants,RIRs(SQ),Marans, Cochins,SS, EEs, Silkies, Polish frizzle, Brahma,BLRW(roos), NN, Wyandottes and 5 mutts. I am able to do 3 this week and 3-4 next week
Is your Polish frizzle a roo and if so wich of the hens does he run with?
6 more days till your eggs hatch.....Would love to have another frizzle (hoping for a frizzle roo)....
Anyone considering these eggs should go for it! I received 2 dozen extremely well packaged eggs from her, not a single one broken. They have been in the bator for a week tomorrow.
Oh yes if you are thinking about it go for it I got 24 of these it was like an easter basket it was so cool. none were cracked and so far as of day 5 , 10 have definate viening and 2 more possible but there darker so its harder to tell and there are 5 more I cant see in at all so only time will tell. I think considering they travled the entire united states in cold weahter in the hands of the USPS thats hella good.
Just candled them this morning, only had to toss 3. 2 of the three had small cracks that I hadn't noticed before and never started developing. The 3rd one was clear. There were a few that were too dark for me to see, so I put them back in the bator to be on the safe side. So I still have 21 Siz eggs in there, busy growing! Only 2 more weeks! Good luck with yours Gabrielle.
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I just wanted to say that we got some from Siz too and they are all doing well. I think only one wasnt fertile. My son is SO excited about the EE eggs
They look like strong babies in there, Siz, thanks

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