For Sale-North Idaho-BO mixed hatching eggs $3 dozen-for pick up only

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    Jan 21, 2009
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    Hi everyone!
    I'm offering some barnyard mutt eggs for $3 a dozen, pick up only.
    The fertility has been 90-100% in these eggs.
    They are great eggs to test out your incubator or just want a variety of chickens from mixed good laying breeds.

    I have a BO rooster and a much less dominate SLWxEE rooster who may get a hen now and then.
    My hens are Australorp, BO, EE, RIR, BR, Golden Sex-link, and SLWxEE's that lay green eggs.

    These eggs will be collected several times a day and stored at proper temps and turned.
    I can usually collect a dozen every 2 days so the eggs are very fresh.
    If you want more brown eggs than green eggs or vice versa that's ok but I cannot guarantee breed specific collections.

    You can see some chicks from these eggs on my web site.

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