For Sale or Trade Standard Bronze Eggs

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    Well, 'tis the season and the Standard Bronze hens are laying eggs every day. I'm not quite ready to fire up the incubator yet so I thought I'm offer some eggs up you nice people. These Standard Bronze birds come from our own Kevin Porter and they are truly magnificent. The Toms are scary huge but never display any aggression or nasty behavior towards humans or turkeys. The hens are sweet and bustling around looking for my sprouts or anything else the Toms can dig up for them.
    Anyway, we had a wee problem with my Bourbons, not a predator problem, a lack of communication problem and my husband sold some and I sold some and left us perilously close to having no Bourbons. I LOVE my Bourbons and cannot envision my farm without them so if you'd like to trade some Bourbon eggs for some Bronze I'd be just as happy as I could be.
    I'd also like some goat milk soap. Specifically looking for Orange Clove or Orange Cinnamon, Lemon, Lilly of the Valley, Lilac or something Vanilla and cherry or vanilla and orange but I trust you to mix up something with some of those scents in it. I'm desperately allergic to patchouli so please keep the patchouli and sandalwood at home.
    Thanks so much and hope to hear from you soon,

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