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    Mar 11, 2008
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    I have two. Light Partridge and a Dark partridge forsale.
    I hatched them out of eggs I bought and they are beautiful. I was surprised by getting them as I ordered just silkie eggs and no mention of SG.

    I will ship they are $75 ea. and shipping $55.. (or both for $100) I will include box. If shipping is less I will return the difference. If no one on BYC wants them then I will put on Eggbid.. wanted to offer here first. Cj


    More pics of the light than the dark as that one did not like the camera at all. They are May babies. I know the light is a pullet but not sure of the other one yet. I think pullet but not sure yet.

    edit: they are june babies.. I think both are pullets but know the light one is for sure.

    If you want them or one.. please put sold and paypal to [email protected]

    Thanks you.
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