For Sale- Pet dairy goat for companion- Colorado

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    Feb 8, 2007
    Seeing there are so many people on this website, I thought I might post this for sale. I have a four year old Toggenburg dairy goat. She is a pet, we have had her since she was a baby. She has one of her teats that is always large (disformed) and she hasn't really ever fed anything off that side till last year. We usually end up milking her to bring the pressure down. I do not want to breed her anymore, as I fear if we do, she might get mastitis in that side. We have just a small area for goats, and hubby wants to get rid of the dairy ones and get a few Boers.

    I want to try to find a home for her where she can be a companion animal for like a horse, or another goat without a male. She is very sweet. I was asking $50 for her, but I really am quite negotiable as long as I can find a home where she can live and not be food. Thats my only goal really.

    We actually have 3 others we will want to find homes for towards the end of the year if possible.

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