For Sale - Silkie Cockerel, Pet to Breeder Quality, Sweet Lover Boy!

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    May 29, 2008
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    I have a sweet Silkie boy for sale. He does meet the standard, proper comb, toes, beautiful blue earlobes, etc, but he's not as well bearded as I'd like him be. He's actually a PB....partial bearded, a cross between a bearded and a non-bearded Silkie, so he can make bearded babies when bred to a bearded female.

    I haven't caught him breeding yet, but his bigger bubba has been ruling the roost, so he's probably afraid to try.

    He's a bit lanky for the show ring, but he would make a wonderful pet and could also be used as a breeder. I'd honestly love to see him go to a pet home where he could be pampered and loved on, and have the companionship of other Silkies or bantams. He's used to that, and has also been kept inside at night, so he's not used to freezing temperatures. If he'll be kept outside, then he should be introduced to the cold gradually. You might just keep him inside at night on colder nights, and Spring is just around the corner anyway. I know, I baby him too much!

    He's the one on the right in the first photo. The other one is a pullet.




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