FOR SALE: Silkie Rooster, Black.

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    I have one black silkie roo for sale. He's a good guy, nice with the ladies and not aggressive with people. He was hatched last summer from eggs I got online here. He's a good lookin boy who needs some ladies of his own!

    I live in Jackson, Michigan. You can message me here, or send text messages to 517.240.six5nine6
    Any fair offer will be considered....would make a nice 4-H project, he is accustomed to being handled! As a matter of a fact, I just took him out to get some more recent pictures, and he was amazingly calm and cooperative. He's a pretty young bird who is still growing into himself. I think he has some filling in to do yet. He hasn't quite figured out what to do with the hens, he just know he likes them a lot!

    He's just waiting for a loving home and a flock of his own to stand guard over.
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    Hi, [​IMG]
    How old is he and will you ship him ?

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