FOR SALE - Split lavender Orpington roo in NEPA - WITH PIC!


11 Years
Nov 9, 2008
N E Pennsylvania
One split lavender Orpington roo from Jody/Charlie (He's 6 Mon.) ... $5.00

One BQ splash silkie chick & one BQ blue silkie chick (They are about 4 wks) ... $6.00/each - "SOLD"
One BQ gray Silkie chick & one PQ white silkie chick (They are 9 wks) ... $10.00 for two - "SOLD"
And I might have some PQ White silkie hens available too (They are laying & broody a lot....) ... $7.00/each - "SOLD"

My Orpington roo is still here. Please let me know if you are interested! Thank you, Noriko.
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They are still here
And pick up only.
I don't have the latest pics of them now but, I can go outside and take some pics. later(It's pouring outside now). And my husband can post some pics. for you as soon as he gets home.(I still don't know how....
) So please let me know which bird you are interested. Thank you! Noriko.

Oh, I'm located in Shickshinny Area, about 30 min. away from Wilkes-Barre and about 1 hour away from Scranton.
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I know I mapquested it too but sometimes I have to drive my husband down there to catch his truck. Trying to find out if he will be going that way anytime soon. I'll let you know.
Wow. That must be a long drive! Please let me know when you are coming this way. We'll post some pics of my Orpington boy & silkie chicks tomorrow.
My husband just posted some pics for you. I hope you can see them. And I'm so sorry I sold BQ gray silkie chick & PQ white silkie chick with some PQ white silkie hens today..... but I can offer you BQ splash silkie chick & BQ blue silkie chick instead which I was going to keep. They are about 4 wks old & $6.00/each. Orpington roo is still here and he's $5.00. Please let me know if you are still interested. Thank you. Noriko.
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