For Sale - The BEST Turken rooster ever, in PA


The Crazy Chicken Lady
11 Years
Mar 31, 2009
Eastern/Central PA
Hugh is seriously an awesome rooster. He calls the girls out for treats and even breaks off pieces of bread and drops it in front of the hens. It breaks my heart to have to do this, but my stupid drunk neighbor complained.... Hugh has given me several adorable and healthy Turken babies. He is gentle with his girls and never ever once was aggressive to anyone. He does notice strangers, though, and does crow - so he is a fantastic watch rooster. However, I don't think he crows too much at all. Apparently it interfered with drunk neighbor's piece and quiet. Never mind that we live on a highway and tractor trailers fly by the house all the time.

I hope someone out there is able to give him a great home, he truly deserves it!

He is pickup only. If anyone is interested, I could meet you at Cabela's near Hamburg, Pennsylvania.

Thanks for looking. If you'd like more pictures, I will gladly email them.

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