For Sale - The coolest yard ornament- a Frizzle Turken roo!!! in PA


The Crazy Chicken Lady
11 Years
Mar 31, 2009
Eastern/Central PA
For sale is the coolest looking Frizzle Turken! I do not want to have to part with him, but drunken neighbor complained about him. Mr. Frizzle has never been aggressive towards any person, including children. He is not the "head rooster" but I do have an unbelievably adorable Frizzle Turken chick from him! He will notify you when strangers are around, but overall I don't think he crows too much at all (compared to other roosters I have had).

Please give Mr. Frizzle a wonderful home. I also have his brother posted for sale, so if you're willing to give them both a home, I will sell both for $15. Both are non-aggressive, and fine with children.

If you'd like more pics, or pics of his chick, please let me know.

Pickup only, but I could meet you at Cabela's in Hamburg, Pennsylvania if you're interested.

Thanks for looking.

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