For Sale/Trade and Wanted: Chickens and Ducks in SE Oklahoma


Hatching and Showing
13 Years
Oct 10, 2007
Now that Winter is finally over, and it is hatching season again, I would like to get rid of my extra birds and get the birds I need.

Here is what I have for sale (or I could trade them, if you had something I wanted). All of this is pick up only:

Blue Swedish Drake, Crested - 1 year old - $8

Easter Egger x Buff Orpington pair - young - Cockerel is crowing, and Pullet just started laying - $12 for the pair

Blue or Black Rock Bantam pullets - only one is laying yet - $8 each

1/2 Dozen Large Duck hatching eggs - $6

1 Dozen Large Chicken hatching eggs - $5

Here is what I would like to buy (or I could trade for them, if I had something you wanted):

Blue or Black Rock Bantam Cockerel/Rooster

BTW Japanese Cockerel/Rooster

White Cochin Pullet/Hen
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