For Sale-Waterford, VA-2 Ducklings: Cayuga & Khaki (6 Days Old)

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    Sep 4, 2009
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    $15 for both: The price just covers my expenses for the ducklings, shipping, and feed.

    I ordered 10 because it was the minimum with no intention of keeping all of them. They have been handled daily, and although skittish (because they’re ducks [​IMG]), I think they’re much better because of it. If you’d like them to be friendlier I would just encourage more handling, on a daily basis is best.

    You probably know this... of course you know this!!! (but this was for my craigslist ad)... The Khaki Campbell breed is sort golden brown color and is known as the most prolific layer, laying almost as many eggs as there are days in a year. The Cayugas are all black (feathers, bills, and feet) when young and when their feathers come in the black shimmers green and purple in the sunlight. When Cayugas start laying in the beginning of the laying season they have very dark gray eggs which slowly fade to a light gray toward the end of the laying season.

    Both of the little munchkies look to be hearty, healthy birds and have been fed food specially formulated for ducklings having the correct niacin requirements that growing ducks need.

    Pick up anytime Wednesday, Thursday, or over the weekend is preferred. Thank you!!!

    I would post pictures but I don't know how to...

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