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8 Years
Mar 7, 2011
Soot, who is around a week old, was ok when I checked on the check a little while ago. Well, my sister walked by the chick tub and asked how come the other chicks were laying on top of her. I went to check and She hasher right leg hugged close to her and won't stand on it. The toes are curled limply and I moved it around and she doesn't act like it hurts or anything, like she doesn't jerk it away or chirp more or anything showing agitation. She also keeps her eyes closed, even when I try moving her or petting her. Any ideas what's going on??? I don't know what to do. With losing the first batch of chicks last wk, I'm stressing and wondering if I shouldn't be doing the whole chicken thing.


Roo Magnet
9 Years
Jan 8, 2011
Tampa Area, Florida
It sounds like she was injured by the other chicks. Check the temps in your brooder, chicks pile on top of each other if they are too cold. If the temp is ok then it was an accident that you had no way of preventing. Is there a way to put her in a separate box in the brooder? That will protect her and give you a chance to monitor her for symptoms. She may improve with rest. Make sure she can get to food and water. You may have to help her eat/drink. If you see any signs of illness then post for more assistance.

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