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    Just sharing this in case there is anyone out there local who might be as interested in these as I was/am. :)

    I found a new (to me) box for shipping that I just have to rave about!

    Belle Farm carries the brown cardboard boxes which are approved by USPS for shipping and are fine, but are a bit on the narrow side. I had some birds to ship out, all to the same person and did not relish attempting to tape some together, plus you're REALLY not supposed to do that. Belle Farm was set up at the show in Morganton Saturday. They had boxes and I asked if they had any bigger. Not in cardboard that were approved by USPS they said, but wood @ $8 per hole. I thought this sounded good, but might be heavy, but decided to check them out today out of neccesity.

    I LOVE them. So easy to use and made me feel a lot more secure in shipping my birds that the cardboard. I didn't worry about them getting wet and falling apart (as has happened to someone on this group with Horizon boxes) and it was just such a great idea!

    So, being the oddity that I am, I snapped pictures with my cell phone at my dads house before I shipped the birds out. The middle portion of the top of the box slides out to the left (under those strips) and then slides back through. You can staple them once they are in, but truly, it was a pretty tight fit and I didn't see the neccesity of it.

    Here they are ~ I would DEFINTELY recommend these for shipping. Sure beats having them shipped in and paying as much on shipping the boxes to you as the box cost! They have from single stalls up to at least three. Possibly four, I was just too excited to examine them much once I found mine! hehe

    Front view with the lid slid out to show two holes

    Looking down on the top with two holes and part of the third hole open

    The side

    The front
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    KEWL!!! [​IMG]
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    I use belle farms all the time the people there are great and very noligable! [​IMG]
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    yes they are! [​IMG]

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