For those of you who milk goats.


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Apr 22, 2008
I think that person has a camera aimed at my milk stand!!!

I know I looked hilarous about a month ago. I would go out to milk donned in my college sweatshirt with the hood pulled up and tied tightly under my chin in a vain attempt to keep the babies from eating my hair. I would tie Bella to the stand. Each foot had to be tied from the front and the side as well as the feet tied to each other. This sometimes kept her feet from either sending the pail flying or finding their way into the milk to clean the muck out from between her cleats. I would frantically try to get some milk into the pail while alternately flapping my arms at the babies trying to eat my clothes or use my back as a trampoline. Of course Fleur would take advantage of my distraction by sneaking her nose in the feed bin and eating half of Bella's grain, thereby making Bella mad enough to try, yet again, to kick, often lifting herself and the milk stand clear off the ground.

Thank goodness things have gotten better! Of course it took sending two babies to new homes and buying a hobbles, but it's better!


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Mar 20, 2008
You could be right! Maybe she was watching you! Goats really are busy little buggers! And sometimes it seems like they have waaayyy more than 4 feet!

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Apr 18, 2007
I read that to DH and couldn't hardly speak from the laughter!

as for the kids and other goats causing issues, we have what DH calls a "staging" area that is a small gated pen fenced off from the main pen. Milking time (2x's a day) is when they get the bulk of their grain so they are plenty ready to come in.....the milking girls come into the staging area, the gate gets shut, and they await their turn in the milk shed - only 1 goat at a time allowed in the milking area. DH still has to hold the back legs of 2 of the girls but that will change once I get my hobbles ordered


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May 7, 2007
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The first time I ever milked a goat I was so proud of myself. Almost a gallon in the bucket and she was being so sweet and calm. And then she put not one but BOTH feet into the milking pail.


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Jul 9, 2007
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Yep I dont milk where the others are because its too much trouble...the babies drive you batty and the others piss off the 1 that is being milked as she is at a disadvantage and cant do anything about it. I have a milking area that has a gate and they know their routine and who goes where. This helps alot and saves you time and helps the goat to calm down and eat without any problems of others stealing her feed. It only takes to cattle panels and some chicken wire or welded wire to block out babies and its so much easier and faster to milk. You will see a BIG difference also.


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May 4, 2008
We had 2 milk goats when I was a kid.One would stand still & let you milk her (keep in mind she had 4 teats).Milk the front 2 then milk the back 2 then try the front 2 again.The other was wild & nasty when it came to milking sis always got to do that one.I can relate to the baby using my back as a trampoline.Everytime I went to feed & wash their water bucket the baby would jump off & on my back.Scared me first time she did it.She eventually ended up being my pet goat.She stayed in a fence with my dogs & actually thought she was a dog I believe.
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Okay, the herd queen who I didn't want to breed this year, we were already gonna have two does in milk, didn't want to breed, didn't want to breed-but the buck did. He knocked down two gates and a section of fence to get to her.
Anyway, we bred her last year, and we didn't milk her, because we didn't have the man power! IT TOOK FOUR PEOPLE TO MILK THAT GOAT! Even with our stanchion, we had one person to hold her up (she always lays down to get her way), one person to hold her back feet, one person to hold her front feet, and one person to frantically milk. We got about a tablespoon. Maybe. Then she tipped it over. This little lady is going to obedience school at a friend's house, cause I'm nowhere near experienced enough to break her of this. I can train a new baby, but not this.

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