for those that butcher for sale.

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    Feb 9, 2013
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    I have 100 Cornish X coming mid April, I just did a practice run of butchering 12 roos from my layer flock. We just used a vacuum packer to bag them for the freezer. That is really kind of expensive, what do you folks used to wrap your chickens for the freezer?
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    We use a 4" X 8" X 18" gusseted bag. It will hold up to an 8 pound carcass. I supply them to clients when processing their poultry. Last year they cost $66. per 1000. (6.6 cents per bag) We vacuum then twist with a tie. If they are to be frozen longer than 3 months we suggest covering with freezer paper for the extra protection.
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    I use the bags that you dip in hot water to shrink. Basically looks like buying a whole turkey in the store except the bag is clear
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