For those that light their coop - Shatter Resistant Bulbs!

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    Yes - they DO exist! [​IMG]

    If you choose to light your coop for the sake of adding more "natural" day light to get your girls to lay, we found at Lowes Shatter-Resistant regular light bulbs the other day. They are a little bit costly (3 will run you about $9.00) but - it stops the worry of if they break you're trying to find the little shards of glass and if your girls ate any or cut their feet.

    They are coated in a heavy type of plastic (think like tempered glass) and should they shatter, they stay together and implode vs. explode.

    Great idea I think - even with a guard over your light fixture!

    Just wanted to share....
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    I use a couple in my horse barn, in places where I am too lazy to install a proper protected fixture and it doesn't seem crucially important. Having whacked into one with the end of a piece of lumber I was carrying I can say that they do work more or less as billed (the pieces hang together somewhat rather than a million shards going every which way).

    I suppose they couldn't *hurt* in a coop, especially if your bulb is sticking out where a chicken could fly into it and there's no guard. I'd put one in my garage before I put one in the coop though (as I spend more time waving long pieces of lumber around in the garage... [​IMG])

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    true... garages are the worst [​IMG] I whacked into a bulb the other day carrying a 2X4...ugh... surprised I didnt shatter the bulb, so my extra 2 are going in there.

    I have one in my coop, but its not hooked up (yeah weird huh?) LOL but only because the kids get the eggs / clean the coop and I worry about them being a little less careful than I am and...the girls are laying normally without any additional lighting needs, so far. Guess its that big window they have.
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    Quote:Thanks for sharing this info. I will go get some to put in my brooders for the older chicks. That will be one less thing for me to worry over [​IMG]

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