? For those use the 5 gallon bucket / nipple water system

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    Isn't it awful heavy when changing water to hang it up? Or worse yet....toting it to the coop then having to hang it up.

    I am really thinking about using that, but wasn't quite sure about all the specifics about it. I just know I would like how it's cleaner & possibly changing water less often. But, at the same time, I worry I will have trouble carrying it out to the coop & hanging it.
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    You pretty much have to fill it hanging, because the nipples will not support the weight. Of course unless you build some other kind of support. We run the hose out to it, but will have to consider other alternatives soon do to the temps.
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    Sep 30, 2011
    Quote:I had the same worries with my wife carrying water. I started off with a 55 gallon drum and a cheapo submersible pump to fill the buckets, it kinda of transformed into the system I have now, which is WAY more complex than you will ever need (we get REALLLLLLLLLLLLY cold). It is on my page. But for the cost of a pump, and a length of garden hose, you will never carry a bucket again. I actually ran the hose in the ceiling and hooked the pump to a light switch so all we have to do is flip a switch to fill it up. Every few months we fill up the tank from the well (150' of garden hose YUK!!!) but I do that, not my lovely bride.
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