For those who homeschool their children...

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    If you're looking for a nice, laid-back preschool "curriculum", check out the Five in a Row books by Jane Claire Lambert. (There's one for preschoolers called Before Five in a Row. ) I checked my copy out of the public library, and just kept renewing it all year long. Then I checked out each of the picture books it uses in turn. All free!

    If you're thinking about the future a little bit, take a look at It's a great Charlotte Mason curriculum. I've done Year 1 this past year, and will do Year 0 for kindergarten and Year 2 for second grade this year. It's a wonderful curriculum, and again, free. You can get most of the books it uses at your library if you don't want to buy them.

    Funny, the most poised, well-adjusted youngsters I've met have all been homeschoolers. I used to think homeschoolers were weird until I actually met some! I was so impressed that I knew then that once we had kids we would homeschool, and I've never had second thoughts. I do get weary of all the "socialization" arguments. I went to public school and I guess I would have been considered "unsocialized" too, since I was reserved around kids I didn't know well and preferred being with my family. Go figure.

    Anyway, good luck!
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    We use My Fathers World

    As with any and everything, homeschooling, public, or private(all of which we have done) it is truly something to pray about and discuss between you and your family.. Cause no matter what route you go someone will be upset and disappointed.

    I have been home schooling our two children now for 2 years and each year I gain more confidence and my children are excited for school...
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    Quote:I remember school all to well! Sadly because of that I have no desire to go to any HIGH SCHOOL REUNIONS.
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    This is a good place to share this information it seems. If you have trouble sticking to a curriculum or making one... Some states have free online school. It has been amazing for my kids. Connections Academy is the name and it is available in lots of states (not all [​IMG] )

    If you need any more info you can contact me or just google...It is completely free and user friendly.... all grades in my state.
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    Quote:They did a study last year, ours was one of the schools asked to participate:

    Likewise if you decide to homeschool past preK, K-12 is available in most states free now, and you'll be assigned a classroom teacher to help with whatever you need (Example, we have an arrangement with the college to borrow a chemestry lab for highschool students, and a group discount swim lessons for PE).
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    Quote:I have met hundreds of homeschooled kids over the few years we have been homeschooling. Some are outgoing, some reserved. It varies just as much as I imagine it does in traditionally schooled kids.
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    Lack of social skills isnt because of homeschooling, its from lack of parental guidance. [​IMG]
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    Quote:I felt the same way before I started homeschooling. I found most homeschooled kids are not grade specific like public school kids and are all around nicer to be around.
    The odd ones I ran into simply did not have a parent that was trying very hard.... [​IMG]
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    My father was a parochial school product with an engineering degree, extremely high IQ, but a social schmuck. He too seemed standoffish at times.
    I am a parochial school product, college graduate, and a social schmuck. I have NO social skills and no esteem, and school did not address these problems. Why would they? I have been told I seem standoffish.
    My son is home-schooled and he has better social skills than I do. He gets along with the majority of his peers as well as I did, because like me, he's different than them. He wants to be an engineer, too. He seems standoffish, as well. It is a trait, not a by-product.

    I remember in grade school, there were kids that were popular, and kids that were not. There were kids that couldn't read well, or run well, or sing well, or dress well. There were kids that were nerdy, or quiet, or studious, or distracted, or just not quite all there somehow. I can name at least three 'standoffish' people off the top of my head.

    But the school wasn't blamed.

    Those three standoffish kids are now a doctor, engineer, and physical therapist. Doesn't seem too awful, does it?

    Some people are just not social butterflies. There method of schooling has nothing at all to do with their social abilities.

    I don't recall any of my schoolmates being the prime example of Miss Manners. In fact, I can't think of ONE that I would want my son to socialize with rather than the kids in his family or homeschool group. I can make the same generalizations about public and private schools that some people make about homeschoolers. I think if they were to ask any organization that deals with both groups, they may re-evaluate their decision. Ask the National Guard. Ask universities. Seriously, ask. If you look up percentages of pregnant teens in traditional schools vs. homeschools, well I don't even need to say it. But I bet this is because the kids are socially immature, or standoffish.
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    Being reserved vs extraverted/social butterfly is not the issue. With little kids the issue is things like saying please and thank you, taking turns & sharing. With older kids it should go a bit deeper and include kindness and respect. At all ages, social skills should include treating others as you would wish to be treated, and acknowledging that they too are individuals with rights and expectations. It is about realizong that you are one cog in the universe, not its center.

    I know that with my 16 year old I saw extensive effort in teaching them as young kids (K until now--jr in high school) to respect themselves and others. Self-worth is a more complited issue, I don't think it can adequately be addressed in only a portion of one's life, which is all that school is--a portion.

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